Willpower Health & Fitness Private Is a 500sqm Boutique Fitness Facility  located in the northern perth suburb of malaga. 


We are not a typical Fitness Studio (like most which are run out of old warehouses), we pride ourselves on having the best possible facilities for you to achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Our FITNESS STUDIO is designed with our clients Goals in mind  

We don't Discriminate on our clients and members. whether they are a, group member or private training member. each and every client is given 100% of our focus to achieve Their goals and in a boutique and highly supportive environment.

We provide all our members with the following: 


  • All The Tools And Education To Achieve Your Goals With Our Educate Empower & Equip Blueprint.
  • Top Class Delivered Personal Training & Group Sessions With Our Team, Taking Into Account Any Injuries Or Health Concerns.
  • Tracking For Success - Membership Inclusive Evolt360 Body Composition Scans and Willpower Exclusive Workout and Nutrition App. 
  • A large variety of training Equipment so all our members can challenge themselves through different styles of training (Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Barbell, TRX, tyres, sleds just to name a few).  

  • Amazing Community - Willpower Is More Than Just A Fitness Facility. It Is A Place Where Our Community Come To Train, Laugh, Build New Friendships, Gratitude (Give Back Through Charity Events) And Socialise With Like Minded People. 
  • Strictly Capped Numbers - The reason Willpower exists is because we HATE big box gyms. we have a capped Premises & group membership numbers so you, the client can have the best possible experience with us.
  • Going That Extra Yard - Friendly and Supportive Staff , Purified Water, Towels (If You Forget Yours) just to name a few.

Access to All Our Small Group Sessions & Private 24/7 Gym

nutrition, Mindset & Lifestyle Fundamentals Guide

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