What Our Clients Have to say about their willpower experience

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"I smashed this goal in a few months with hard work, discipline and guidance from an awesome trainer and came in at 77kg and 8.5% body fat dropping 13cm off the waist!


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"I have seen the results, also with his advice on my diet really helped me push through the pain of the sessions and also keep up against the older men I play in soccer.

antoni d'alesio

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"I just want to take a moment to say how much I enjoy training at Willpower and especially with Sue. Last session I hit 3 PBs with the help of Sue and it felt amazing! She's a wonderful and inspirational trainer. I have come leaps and bounds since I started and am very happy with my progress"

Tanya gavinsdottir

"From my very first session, Sue has made me feel confident and focused in every challenge she's given me. She is an amazing mentor. Every week she encourages me to push myself and improve on my performance. She inspires me with her drive, dedication and commitment to her own triathlons. I look forward to working with Sue in the future and am excited about growing in my performance, strength and health with Willpower. Push, push, power, power, pump, pump!

Sharon Healy

"I admire the fact that they are very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are and how far they can push them. All this with no shouting, no humiliation - just pure encouragement!"


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"100% committed to helping others gain not only physical strength, but to realise that with a lot of hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything."


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