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Personal Training Client Testimonials

Kamilla J

May Lee

Michelle Smith


Martine T

Jaqui C

I first started training with Will at Willpower back in May of 2011. It’s not until December that I really got serious about training. From there on in it was a complete lifestyle change. Will introduced me to a complete change in my diet and a high intensity training method which I had to follow strictly in order to achieve my goal.

I used to be really skinny and then stopped the active lifestyle and the healthy eating as life gets you and yes naturally did pack on the weight! I started at Willpower weighing in at 86.6kg with 17.5% body fat with the goal in mind to drop the body fat below 10%. I smashed this goal in a few months with hard work, discipline and guidance from an awesome trainer and came in at 77kg and 8.5% body fat dropping 13cm off the waist!

I’ve always had an interest in training and being active but it really developed in something bigger when I got back into training with Will. He showed me the “ropes” literally! haha… No seriously, he made me do the hard yards and pushed me beyond the comfort zone to help me achieve what I was potentially capable of… and that was more!

The more results I saw each week the more driven and motivated I became! With such a beast of a trainer by your side helping and guiding your progress, how can you really expect not to be motivated?! Will and the trainers all share that passion and zest for training and life. They motivate you and give you the tools you need to live a better and healthier life no matter what your desired goal in this gym is. With such a support team behind you and best f’in team around in my opinion, don’t wait to start, get in and get the work done because it is the best feeling achieving and smashing your goals!

I’m faster, stronger and where I want to be with fitness but it doesn’t stop there. Once the motivation is lit… for me…. It becomes a way of life! So naturally now my goals for this year have changed yet again to achieve something more.

First step is always the hardest but when you get there, there is no end to what you truly are capable off!

So ask yourself…. How bad do you want it?!……

Lui Nair

After reaching the age of 30, we both found we were gradually gaining weight each year and becoming more and more inactive.

We had the usual excuses. Both of us run our own businesses and thought there weren’t enough hours in the day to fit in exercise – when we got home we just wanted to relax!!

The turning point came when we had our annual blood tests done and found that Terry’s cholesterol levels were increasing, his coronary risk ratio had increased and he was on the borderline of becoming a type 2 diabetic. We knew it was time to do something!!

That was when we approached Will.

I must admit, to begin with, we both did not enjoy the training sessions!! We had been inactive for so long that after each session, we felt absolutely exhausted, we didn’t look forward to going and sometimes thought what the hell are we doing this for!! For all those that feel this way it does get better!!

With Will’s constant motivation, we persevered and we are glad we did.

We now really look forward to our training sessions and instead of going only once per week, have increased our one on one sessions to twice a week and do a third day of a group Bootcamp midweek.

We both feel energized now after each session and feel that both our physical and mental health has improved significantly. Terry’s cholesterol and sugar levels are now within a healthy range again without any medical intervention which is fantastic!

My goal was to regain some muscle tone – as you get closer to 40 it just seems to disappear – and I’m glad to say I have achieved this!!

Will has been with us each step of the way in this process, we really couldn’t have done it on our own. A lot of people think that they can just join a gym and do the same exercises for a fraction of the cost but unless you are really self motivated, there’s no chance!

Having someone motivate us has been the difference between us starting something and giving up after a couple of months and changing our lifestyle permanently!! We now eat right and exercise right and don’t feel like we are missing out on anything anymore, in fact we don’t even enjoy eating what we used to eat anymore.

We have now been with Will for 2 years and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and professional – we would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about a lifestyle change.

Terry & Clare Angelkovski

Just over to months ago, I took stock of myself. I weighed about 120kgs, I guess you would say i was obese. I had Type 2 Diabetes, which is quite common among obese people, was struggling to keep it under control and losing my battle. Add to that my Dad has Type 2 Diabetes and a congenital heart disease (he doesn’t drink and has a bit of a beer gut). As i looked at him and myself, my future looked pretty grim. I had to do something, take action, change things. But how…
One day whist at my uncles house, his son Michael Ward came to visit. I took the chance and asked him, “Do you still have your gym?”, He replied “Yes of course. Why?” I told him about my situation and if he could help me.
After this conversation I went to Willpower Health & Fitness and with Michael as my Personal Trainer, began to lose weight.
I’ve been following his program for two months now, with Michael always pushing me to succeed. I must say it has been worth every once of sweat and toil. Michaels One on One sessions and the group training sessions have taught me how to exercise right, eat right, and given me the confidence to keep going and finish what i have started.
My goal is to lose 30kgs, get really fit and stay that way. I’m proud to say that I have lost 20kgs and have dropped below the 100kg for the first time in a long time. But once i reach my 30kg goal that is not the end. I know it is easy to fall back into the old habits and put it all back on again. With Michael as my guide I will continue to attend Willpower, keep eating right, exercising right and maintaining that healthy weight and fitness.
By the way, I should also add that as a direct result of a healthy diet and good exercise regime, my Type 2 Diabetes is in recession and I am off the medication for it. Has it been worth it? Most definitely yes; but as I said, “It ain’t finished yet!”

David Adlem

I am a stay at home mother of two young children, and found it difficult to get back to my pre-children weight and body shape. I was regularly going to the gym but I wasn’t getting any results that I wanted. I decided to try using the services of a personal trainer, and see how they could make a difference.

Kellie Long is a personal trainer at my gym and came at the high recommendation of a friend who is also a client of Kellie’s. I met with Kellie for a talk about what my goals were and she did a trial session with me so I could see what would be involved. I signed up for 24 sessions to give myself a reasonable time frame to attempt to achieve my goals.

I have now been seeing Kellie for 4 months and I am loving it. My initial goals were all based on weight loss, and I have just about achieved my goal weight (losing 9 kgs to date). I was so excited to be able to go shopping recently and buy all new clothes and to see how good I looked in them with my weight loss.

I have now got other goals set that Kellie is helping me to achieve. A few weeks ago I did my first set of pushups on my toes, which I have never been able to do before. I felt unbelievably happy about being able to finally do that. The next goal I achieved was being able to bench press more than 20 kgs. Beating these goals has been satisfying.

I find Kellie to be so knowledgeable in how all our muscles work, how best to exercise our bodies and how to maximize our efforts. Kellie has also helped me make changes to my diet, giving me advice on how I should structure my meals and what I should be eating. I have made lifestyle changes based on this advice, and it is all for the better.

Kellie is always full of encouragement and she is realistic in what I should be doing. As Kellie is a mother herself, she knows what is achievable and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I am also made to feel like an individual client as I see sessions she has with other clients, and each one is completely different. The sessions are set for the individual.

I am so glad I have Kellie as my personal trainer, and will be continuing with her after my current contract is up. I love going to my sessions and I love feeling afterwards that I have worked as hard as I could. I now have different fitness and body shape goals to strive towards. I have no hesitation to recommend Kellie’s services as a personal trainer.

Leanne Lane

My name is Vicky. Sue takes me for PT and I must say she is out standing in her abilities to deliver high quality sessions each and every time.
As a busy personal trainer myself and business owner I often find myself tired and lacking energy to exercise but knowing I have Sue to push me in my sessions keeps me on track and energised through out my week.
Her attentiveness and enthusiasm combined with her knowledge is what separates her from your average personal trainer!
I highly recommend Sue for anyone who is looking for a positive lifestyle change and want to turn the corner in his or her fitness journey

Victoria Loney

I started at WillPower in or about April 2011, 7 months after quitting smoking. After quitting, I started with jogging but knew that jogging just wasn’t going to be enough to become the fit, toned healthy person I wanted to be.
When I first thought about personal training sessions I wasn’t sure that I would stick it out, but Will (and initially Bianca) made the hard work seem fun and made me ‘want’ to come back every week. They made me realise that it wasn’t just about exercise it was also about healthy living and a healthy lifestyle.
Will’s continuing support and encouragement makes it easy to find the motivation to want to put in the hard yards when training. He has helped me not just set challenging goals, but reach them as well. With Will’s guidance and my own persistence, determination and hard work I have come to realise that most any goal is attainable and it is the absolute personal satisfaction I get when I reach those goals that makes it all worthwhile. And when I have reached those goals, Will has always helped me and encouraged me to set new, more challenging ones.
It is one thing for me to put in the hard yards and strive for the best results but it is entirely another to know your trainer is also striving for you to attain those results and to reach each goal that you have set for yourself.
Since training with Will I have managed to complete 3 half marathons, a duathlon, the Western Mudd Rush (twice) and the Tough Mudder, Things that just 4 years ago, I never thought or believed I would be able to do. I also now feel better about myself and my body than I have since I was 18 years old, some (nearly) 22 years ago. I can (and do) wear a bikini now and even my mum has commented about the ‘muscle’ definition in my back (its just a shame I can’t see it!)!
I am fit, healthy and loving life and I have a lot of thanks to Will and WillPower for that.
I also get thorough enjoyment and satisfaction out of the bootcamp and group sessions held regularly at WillPower, no matter who is taking them.

Marnie Fowler

I have worked with Will for almost 2 years. Will is an inspirational personal trainer with down to earth personality. He has extensive knowledge on fitness and nutrition. His creative approach always keeps my training program challenging, and with hard work comes great reward – I have a reached my ideal weight and have a best shape in my life.

His training has also helped me to build up my solid fitness foundation to prepare me for the challenge ahead that I would never have imagined before, such as running Ultra Marathon and completing Busselton Ironman in Dec 2011.

Dennis Tan

I have been working on keeping fit for the past 10 years, without actually really understanding what I was doing and most importantly how I should be exercising to receive the best benefit for my efforts, so basically all i was doing was sweating a lot but not really achieving anything, or even potentially doing an injury to myself.

Since I started Personal Training with Michael Ward I have more endurance, confidence and much more get up and go. I not only enjoy the workouts and feel fantastic after each session, but I have a much better understanding of how to get the most out of a workout session and more importantly doing the exercises without injuring myself.

I could not have achieved this without Michael, as his knowledge of the human body, how each muscle works and how to get the most out of each workout just amazes me. I feel very confident with any workout sessions that Michael plans for me as he knows my age and how much I can achieve and he pushes me to my limit every session and I am proud to say that I get though it each time.

Michael will help you achieve your goal but is also aware that everyone is different and will strive to help you reach your goal with enjoyment. He demonstrates each exercise, making sure not to cause injury, and most the times he will actually participate with me just to help me get through the session.

Michael is a great trainer he practices what he preaches and is always there to give advice and helpful hints, not only with exercises but with leading a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for believing in me.

Michael leads by example and he is a great role model


Celia Culverwell

I have always been a very active person and right into some form of exercise…. My approach has always been that the more time I spend at the gym the better my results will be.

However even after running 10kms a day and doing double gym sessions, I have never been able to achieve the results I was looking for? Nothing was getting toned, my weight stayed the same, I was unhappy and tired after all the hard work I was putting in every week. All I wanted to was to lose weight off my legs… I was beginning to think it was impossible.

Then I was introduced to Amy….

My partner told me about Amy, he tried to drum into my head for ages that I didn’t need to do all these hours at the gym. Finally I listened and decided to give it try, like all women I was scared of putting on bulk and ending up twice my size.

After the first 2 sessions with Amy , I knew instantly that my goals were going to become reality.

I have never spoken to a trainer before who quite knows her stuff like she does. She instantly got to know me and my bodies capabilities, within the first 2 weeks. The information she has shared with me goes far beyond the physical side of learning what exercises are right for you, I am now so much more aware about nutrition and having a healthy diet, which is one of the main reasons I have had so much success with my training. Never one to suggest supplements like other trainers I have known, her natural approach is brilliant and could work for anyone.

After my first 4 weeks, I noticed the difference straight away in how all my clothes were fitting. When I had my first measurements taken after 5 weeks, I could not believe the improvement, finally I lost 3cm off my hips and shoulders and 2 cm off my thighs and stomach. My body fat has gone right down and my energy levels are through the roof. I even did an all time best of being able to plank for 5 minutes, something I could never imagine doing before I started.

8 weeks on, my body fat is still coming down and so are the centimeters. Every class is a challenge and never the same. It’s so refreshing to have a trainer who will work so hard with you to reach your goals and take you to the next level, even on bad days she gets me back in the zone and performing at my best.

I can’t wait to see where my training with Amy will take me in the next 2 months.

I am no longer spending hours at the gym morning and night, I have so much more time on my hands and have never been in such great shape.

THANKS AMY xxxxxxx (and thanks to my boyfriend for the advice)

Renee Spicia

Sue is incredibly easy to train with – pushing me to improve my fitness each session. Her bubbly personality and friendly smile when you enter the gym is great encouragement to enjoy the session. For the first time ever, I look forward to going to the gym – something I never thought I would say! Sue is definitely part of that. She’s an inspiration as well – hearing her achievements help keep me focused and on-track.

Debbie Scaturro

Tanya Jupp at our Beach Bootcamp

I have been training with Will for just over 6 months. Our workouts have been focused preventing sports related injuries, general fitness and toning. I look at Will as being a key factor in my on-going good health and positive mindset. Will is great at helping you get in shape not only physically but emotionally. Although his workouts can be challenging, he never fails to support, encourage and celebrate my wins. Wills outgoing and friendly nature together with his vast knowledge makes him an excellent personal trainer for those looking to see results, have fun and achieve their goals. I am forever grateful to Will for helping me get on track and transforming my life!

Tanya Jupp

Choosing to have a personal trainer was one of my better decisions. Training with Kellie has definitely enhanced the whole experience.

Kellie has pushed me when I needed pushing, listens when she knows I am genuinely not up to par and modifies the workout to suit.

Kellie keeps up to date with the latest in training and has an excellent knowledge of what makes us tick.

Thanks Kellie sometimes I am so bad, but you know I appreciate the effort you put in for me.


Val Reen

It was my partner who dragged me along to Willpower – He had finally gotten sick of me complaining about how fat, frumpy, unfit and gross I felt. He had previously met with Amy, had a one-on-one PT session with her and was already telling me great things. I had never been one to go to a gym, or do one-on-one personal training, to be completely honest – the idea scared me..The next day I met with Amy and was SUPER nervous, those feelings however were very short lived!!Amy made me feel comfortable from word go. During my initial consultation I was able to pin point to Amy what I wanted to get out of my training sessions and what areas in particular I wanted to focus on – so she was able to get a clear idea as to what I wanted to achieve.During my training sessions I was never yelled at nor felt forced. Rather then getting you to smash out an unrealistic number of reps as fast as you could, with unmanageable weights, Amy focused more on correct technique and posture. Therefore, you were able to get the most out of every exercise, rather then pick up bad habits and possibly injuring yourself.
Amy worked WITH me not against me, which I think is extremely important for a Personal Trainer.

As my fitness levels increased my attitude went from ‘I hate exercise’ to ‘this is something I could get used to’. I told Amy NUMEROUS times about how much I hated running – now I run a couple of times a week and mix it up with gym sessions – something I never thought I would ever actually enjoy or do.

Apart from enjoying exercise and incorporating it into my lifestyle, I also learnt a whole new approach to food, which was one of the things I enjoyed most about Amy’s training – she took a whole body approach to health. It wasn’t all just about the fitness aspect.

Amy was always happy to forward me informative articles via email, information regarding health/fitness and even some of her own recipes, which I tried and tested so I didn’t get bored with food. All of her health and nutrition tips I have since taken into account and now try and incorporate into my everyday life.

Amy invited me to Nutrition seminars which opened my eyes to the amount of dead food I was actually putting into my body. In saying this, I am still not perfect – I still do have my bad days and bad meals every so often, but I am slowly changing my bad habits into good ones, which will take time.. But eventually I will get there.

Its amazing just how different you can feel by changing the little things and incorporating exercise and correct nutrition into your lifestyle. I’m happier, healthier, my body functions better, I sleep better and have more energy then ever. ?I have only one person to thank for this..

Thank you Amy!!!

Danae Cerinich

I have been training with Will for about 6 months. When I first came to him I had torn my ACL in my knee and had lost confidence in being able to play netball. Our training sessions focused on strengthening and increasing stability. He also helped me get ready for my knee operation in a matter of 6 weeks. I loved working out with Will because I found his training sessions fun and challenging and I loved seeing the results. Thanks to Will I was able to become the strongest and fittest and I have ever been.

Savilla Jansen

I have been training with Will for 2 years. I was really nervous when I first started, having had bad experiences in the past, but from the first session Will has been nothing except kind, understanding and supportive. My goal has always been weight loss with the added bonus increased fitness.

It took me a long time to ‘organise’ myself to work with Will to make progress in this. Through all of my excuses Will listened carefully, whilst not accepting one of them J, then gave me ways to improve myself. When I finally started listening to his advice and following it I lost a lot of weight quickly. Whilst I have not reached my goal I am well on my way and with Wills help I will achieve it quicker then I could have ever managed on my own. He is an exceptional trainer and coach.

I love the new studio, he has put together fantastic trainers supported by top of the range equipment that make each training session different and challenging. I will be forever grateful for the time and support over the last 2 years.

Imogen Prince

Kellie Long has been my Personal Trainer for the past 2 and a half years. In that time, she has helped me to set goals, lose weight, tone up and gain strength. She is a kind and caring trainer, who is flexible and accommodating when making times for sessions. She is empathetic towards personal situations and will always seek out ways to help me to feel stronger, both physically and mentally.

Through Personal Training, I have found myself to become more positive and energetic, I now have a much greater love of life and all that it has to offer. Kellie has helped me to realize my potential both in the gym and in my daily life. I feel so much better about myself after every training session, and I have grown in confidence, which is a direct result of feeling happier about the way I look and feel. Kellie motivates me to exercise and try my best in everything I do. Kellie has educated me with regards to healthy eating and work/life balance, which have also assisted in my goal achievements. Kellie pushes me to places I never thought I could achieve, because I am lifting much heavier weights and specific muscle groups are targeted. The activities I do in each session are varied and creative, and the balance of cardio and weight training has resulted in me speeding up my metabolism and losing weight. I am now happy to say that I have achieved my weight loss goals and am maintaining my personal training sessions twice a week to keep up my strength, weight balance and most importantly the great feeling of confidence.

Thank you, Kellie, you have helped me more than you would know!

Sarah Wright

It had be a long time since I had done much of any exercise and was quite out of shape and low in self confidence. The first time I met Sue she instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. I have been training with Sue for several months now and my fitness levels have skyrocketed along with confidence. She is a fabulous trainer and I thoroughly enjoy every session!

Melanie Fletcher

Kellie Long was my personal trainer for 2 years. The effort and commitment she portrayed to achieving my fitness goals was outstanding.

The variety of workouts helped me to raise my fitness levels, lose weight, gain strength and endurance. She also gave me advice on nutrition and injury management.

Kellie also designed a challenging fitness regime to undertake outside of training sessions which included a complete weights training program and personal challenges.

Through this program I achieved my goal of returning to Martial Arts, which gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. Training with Kellie was a lot of fun, her encouragement and friendly manner made it easier to reach my goals.

I would strongly recommend Kellie to anyone aiming to achieve personal fitness goals.

Matthew Freeman

I have been training with Sue since she began at Willpower Health and Fitness Studio. Sue is such an inspiring trainer who knows how to motivate her clients in order to get their desired results.
I love that Sue knows how to train my ‘targeted female areas’. Being a mother of two, my body has changed after children and I love that I am seeing results. Sue is very good at pushing me to reach my goals by always offering new and challenging exercises. I especially love her Tabata Thursdays!
I would highly recommend Sue to be your new personal trainer.

Felicity Austin

I have been fortunate to have Kellie as my personal trainer for the last twelve months. We have had training sessions on a weekly basis and in that time my physical health and wellbeing have improved markedly.

Being 52 I initially thought that my progress would be limited, but soon realized that my potential was far greater than I had expected and hoped for.

Kellie has designed our sessions to push me that bit further than I thought I could go all the time focusing on technique and form to maintain maximum results. Every session is different, never boring and geared towards positive outcomes.

I now have a more in-depth understanding of muscle movement and relevant exercises as Kellie explains all techniques and outcomes as we work. Always an exceptional motivator, she has kept me informed with dietary and nutritional advice and my energy levels have benefited dramatically.

I know that Kellie is totally focused on my health and wellbeing at every session and has always made herself available for advice and motivation outside those times.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kellie for the role she has played in the physical, emotional and psychological changes that have occurred. She has given me an enthusiasm for life and a belief in myself that I take with me every day.

I will continue to look forward to our sessions and aim towards being fitter, stronger and healthier each time.

Sandra Tunbridge

I have been training at Willpower for years and absolutely love it, a great studio that makes you feel comfortable and motivated!

Andrea Knight

I have trained with Will for over one and a half years and found the process of maintaining fitness and weight loss varied and fun. I have valued Will’s encouragement as training progressed and he introduced more challenges. It was an enjoyable experience but always enough to make me work harder to see results.

I consider Will a kind and courteous person. We worked together to set goals to achieve overall fitness. When training I’ve found him encouraging and supportive and challenging me to always work harder. Will is a genuine person, interested in supporting and maintaining progress.

Will is an inspiring personal trainer and I thank him for our training sessions together.

Carolyn Ganzer

I’ve been training at Willpower for over a year now. That’s the most consistent I’ve even been with an exercise regime! Love the group sessions, I’m always challenged, great variety and have noticed significant improvements in my body and energy/fitness levels. The trainers are excellent. More personal than just a gym I’d much rather workout here at the studio. I’ve also had one on one training with Will which I’d highly recommend.

Jasmine English

The coaches at Willpower are well educated inspiring trainers that are determined to assist you with reaching your goals and teaching you a lesson or two on what you’re really capable of doing. The atmosphere is friendly with a bit of a kick ass edge. You walk out of there feeling rejuvenated and you can’t wait to do it all again.

Sam Ristevski

Will and the team at Willpower are fantastic always helping me reach new goals.

Kevin Ellery

The Willpower team always keeps training sessions interesting, helping me stay motivated and focused on my goals.

Mathew Mattaboni

Thank you to all the trainers at Willpower!! I always enjoy my training sessions here, it’s great fun and always such a great variety of exercises! I have never been pushed so hard in my life and I love it…I’ve also never felt so many emotions at one time. I get grumpy, sad, sick, sore, happy, hot, and frustrated. Despite all of these emotions I always leave with a smile, and feeling satisfied that I have survived what often feels like a flogging!! And I always seem to come back for more so it can’t be all that bad! I love all of your different and unique styles of training and am grateful for having the opportunity to train with you ALL!

Thank you for always keeping things interesting and making exercising a fun activity rather than a chore!

Katie Keast

Great training facilities and fantastic motivational coaches that get you results; informative and friendly all around.

If you haven’t tried training at Willpower Health and Fitness Studio, then you are definitely missing out.

Nikol Cerinich

These guys have trained and supported me through a really tough time in my life and have done it with encouragement, reassurance, professionalism and grace. I highly recommend this friendly and dedicated studio.

Karina Ballerina