Our goal is to be one of π—£π—²π—Ώπ˜π—΅'π˜€ π—£π—Ώπ—²π—Ίπ—Άπ˜‚π—Ί π—•π—Όπ˜‚π˜π—Άπ—Ύπ˜‚π—² π—šπ˜†π—Ίπ˜€ and help positively impact the lives of our local community (either live or work close by). 

We are sick and tired of  Gym's treating people as "just a number". Most gym members do not receive the support and tools required to achieve their goals,  then quit.

After 8 years, as Industry Leading Private Fitness Studio, we have made the decision to Expand (with our new 500+sqm space) into a Results Focused 24/7 Gym and break the typical gym mould.

We want to do it our way.

We aim to Positively Impact and Help Every Member that Steps in our door to help achieve their Goals.

  • PRIVATE GYM / NOT PUBLIC GYM - Our goal isn't to be like the money grabbing large commercial gyms who care more about your $$$ than your kgs/cms.   We have 2 goals with our 24/7 membership.    1. To add an additional service to our Private Personal training and Small Group Training clients so they can compliment their existing Goal Focused training.  2. To allow our local community who have big transformation goals and want to follow our system and strategy to get there. Each "Self Programming" member will be supported by their very own personal trainer who will guide and drive them to their goals.  
  •  REGULAR STRATEGY SESSION WITH A TRAINER -  Either monthly or quarterly (depending on which membership option chosen) 24/7 members will have a Goal Focused Strategy Session, this will help the member with Support, Accountability and plan the next 1-3 months of their training. All of our Willpower community need direction with their goals, gym memberships have often been seen as DIY approach and in 90% of most memberships, leads to failure and giving up on their goals. Our Strategy Sessions aim to combat this and drive our members to successfully achieving their goals.
  • STRITCLY CAPPED MEMBERSHIP- Once we meet our maximum member limit we will cap our membership (currently 100 gym & group members) to educate, Empower and equip our members takes time and resources and that is 100% our focus.  Most gym environments are crowded, intimidating and not results focused (membership based and money driven πŸ€” πŸ˜• ). We aren't driven by building a HUGE 500-2000 member gym, in all honesty we would see probably 20% of those members attend each week and about 20% of those would actually working with a strategy to achieve their goals. We 
  • all the tools - Why should our members not receive the same benefits as our Private and Group Training clients? We are allowing our 24/7 Self Programming Members access to all our tools, challenges, tracking software, measurement machines (evolt360). We want ever member and client who steps in the door all the tools to successfully achieve their goals. 

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