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Frequently Asked Questions regarding services, payments and business specific questions based on your experience.

What is the difference between your Personal Training Studio and a Gym?

Our personal training studio is an appointment only setting where it is exclusive to our personal training clients. Gyms are membership based and personal training usually must be purchased as an additional expense on top of your gym membership. Our studio is a private and results focused with clients goals as our top priority.

What are your opening hours?

We are flexible with our opening hours but usually conduct sessions between 5am and 8pm, as we are an appointment based studio our trainers have access to the studio so we can work together to find a time that best suits each other.

What do I need to bring to my sessions?

Proper training apparel, towel and drink bottle are essential when training at Willpower Health & Fitness. We ask all our clients to come in 10-15 minutes early to conduct an appropriate dynamic warm up (or if its your first session to fill in our Pre Exercise Questionnaire).

Do I get anything more than just a training session?

We will not simply train you, and once the session is complete leave it at that. We believe in giving you the complete solution to achieving your goals and will help you with other factors including nutrition, home/gym exercise planning, and lifestyle factors. You will also receive unlimited access to our VIP group and our monthly educational seminar.

How much does it cost?

Our Personal Training pricing varies from $15 to $60 per session. This depends on a number of factors including type of training (one on one, two on one, private /corporate group, semi private small group, bootcamp/large group), which payment option (direct debit, package, pay as you go) and trainer experience. We recommend organizing coming in for a chat to one of our trainers to discuss which would be the best option to suit your goals, schedule and budget.

Do you have any additional fees?

We don’t have joining fees at Willpower Health & Fitness. Unlike gyms where you must pay for joining fee and membership, here at Willpower the only cost is your session.