August 21

5 Amazing Benefits Of Massage



  • Enhances post-workout recovery
    After workouts, your muscles tighten up/shorten due to the increased loading that they are put under which can result in a decrease in performance for your next workout. Massage can help lengthen this tissue and in turn, increase your bodies ability to recover from the session so you can always perform to your full potential.

  • Eases DOMS
    Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain in your muscles after an intense workout. Massaging and stretching out the muscles can help release the tension in your muscles and promote blood flow through the muscles. Massage also helps reduce inflammation and promotes cell recovery.

  • Increase Flexibility
    Flexibility can rapidly decrease over time, especially if you don’t stretch to try and aid in increasing the flexibility. One of the main benefits of massage is that it lengthens your muscle tissue. Combining this with stretching, can help dramatically increase your bodies flexibility.

  • Increases functionality of muscles
    FlexiExercise not only puts strain on your muscles, tendons and ligaments, it also has an effect on your fascia (connective tissue fibers under your skin), which help the muscles work smoothly and effectively.  Massage works with not only the muscles, but the fascia as well, which after loosening up these connective fibers, help the muscles move much more freely and effectively. This can have a big impact on muscle hypertrophy, endurance and strength as it enables your muscles to function properly.

  • Increases mental wellbeing as well as physical
    Wellbeing is both mental and physicalYou need to have a balance of health in  all aspects (mental, physical, emotional, etc). Massage works to slow down the nervous system and to relax the body. 
    Massage has been shown to have very positive effect on anxiety and stress. It aids with sleep, digestion and blood flow. 
    Combining massage with your exercise is going to have such an amazing impact on your health. Mental and Physical.

By Daniel de Vos 

Willpower's Remedial Massage Therapist


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