May 28

Client Focus – May


Client Focus is an opportunity to introduce our willpower community to each other and encourage and inspire each and everyone of you in our community. Showing our wide range of clients and their varying goals and reasons for training. It’s important to know that we are all different and our fitness and health goals and therefore journeys are all unique.  We endeavour to support all our clients in their personal goals through encouragement, knowledge and empowering them to succeed and thrive in their daily lives.

Watch this space in the following months for more client focus and be inspired by everyday people achieving extraordinary things 🙂
This months focus is Clyde RosarioMay Client Focus
Clyde has been with the willpower team for 12 months come the end of this month.
Clyde is an IT engineer and initially came to willpower to gain strength and power to support his sport of choice… Krav Maga    (martial arts ). He had never strength trained before and had never experienced personal training. Clyde recently graded to Practitioner level 4 🙂
Clyde trains 3 x a week at willpower with Will and Kellie as his principle trainers who coordinate his training to ensure Clyde gets maximum results.
Some of Clyde’s Personal Bests include:
Squat 20kg to now 107.5kg for 8 reps.
Deadlift 30kg to 120kg for 5 reps


Well done Clyde, keep up the fantastic work!!!


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