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One on One Personal Training

Willpower Health & Fitness one on one personal training is the premium training service available to successfully achieve your health and fitness goals.

Why Choose One on One Training at Willpower Health & Fitness? There are many benefits:
  • -Our trainers are 100% FOCUS on you and your goals. – THE COMPLETE PACKAGE – We know you can’t get there by just doing a couple of personal training sessions per week.
  • Your trainer will EDUCATE and help you to improve other factors including NUTRITION, DAILY ACTIVITIES and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FACTORS.
  • We will MOTIVATION you through our sessions, provide CHALLENGING and REWARDING structured workouts.
  • Provide an initial Health Assessment to better understand your situation and work on a step by step approach to achieving your goals.
  • Prevent time wasting on things such as fad diets, gym training for a couple of weeks and then losing motivation, infomercial equipment that will eventually sit under your bed gathering dust.
  • We want to help you achieve your goals in the FASTEST and most ACHIEVABLE way, there is no magic pill for sustained long term results, it takes KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION.



$27 Each for 1x Premium Two on One Session & Unlimited Group Training for 2 Weeks.

$47 Each for 2x Premium Two on One Session & Unlimited Group Training for 2 Weeks.

Simply enter your name, number and email below and we will be in touch to book your first session!*