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Group Personal Training

Willpower Health & Fitness Group Personal Training is one of the best ways to achieve your health & fitness goals.

Group Training Benefits

  • Fun and Challenging Workouts in a private studio setting.
  • No busy and intimidating gym environment.
  • Experienced trainers to make sure you get the best out of your workout by teaching proper exercise technique and providing that extra push to get you to your goals.
  • Cost effective way to train – Less than half the cost of One on One Personal Training.
  • Groups no larger than 18 people so there is an added focus on YOU unlike normal busy group classes that you have seen in other gyms/studios.
  • Access to all Willpower VIP Materials: Not only do we provide you with a top class training session but also provide you with the essential nutritional and lifestyle information for you to fast track your goals.
Willpower FunctionalFit Groups

Join one of our popular Functional Training groups which focus on Fat Loss, Muscle Tone, Increasing Strength and Fitness. This moderate to high intensity class uses functional, full body exercises to get the maximum benefit out of your training session. We combine this with a cardio and core blast so you also achieve a great cardiovascular and core workout too! (All fitness levels welcome)

Willpower Bootcamp Groups

Our Bootcamp groups are designed to challenge those who are up for a serious challenge. This group is designed for moderate to advanced clients who want to take that extra step to push their training to the next level!

Willpower Boxing Group

By far one of the most popular form of exercise is Boxing Group Training. A fun, challenging full body workout that not only gets your body in serious fat burn mode and cardiovascular benefits, but also gives you that stress release from the days/weeks frustrations!  (All fitness levels welcome)

View Our Group Personal Training Timetable Here

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