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Sharon Healy

Personal Trainer

– Certificate 3 & 4 in Health and Fitness
– Senior First Aid and CPR
– Level 1 Fitness Australia Accredited
– Strength & Condiitioning
– Weight Loss
– Increase Muscle Mass & Tone
– Nutritional Advice


“I look at health and training as a lifestyle, not a means to an end”
My passion for health and fitness was only truly discovered a couple of years ago.  For most of my life I have simply been a casual swimmer or taken part in 30 minute walks or bike rides.  I decided after many years, that this was not enough and made a choice to commit to my own physical health.
It has given me the discipline, focus, mental and physical strength to do something truly worthwhile.  I am committed to helping you achieve your goals.  I want to encourage, empower, and inspire every client to be the best version of themselves, to feel strong and confident in your own skin.


Phone: 0468 320 623‬

Email: sharonhealyms@gmail.com